Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grace for the Good Girl Winner!

ACK! It's Wednesday and I haven't told you who won Grace for the Good Girl OR written my post on chapter two! This stresses me out because I'm a good girl!

I'll get to chapter two eventually, but right now I need to tell you the winner of the book.

And the winner is.... April!

Thank you to those who entered. You can purchase Emily's book at Dayspring (and if you follow that link and make a purchase I make a bit off of it. Only full disclosure here, people. HA!) or Amazon.

If you're a recovering good girl, I highly recommend you buy it!


April said...

YEAH! Thank you so much!

Heathahlee said...

You are so welcome! Enjoy it!

Christina said...

Excited to read your post! and don't's not a deadline :)