Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm a Good Girl

grace for the good girl by emily p. freeman

As soon as I started reading Grace for the Good Girl, I knew this book was for me. I didn't know, however, how close to home it would hit. Within the first chapter and a half, I had already sobbed my way through several pages. Seeing my early childhood, youth, and young adult years in black and white was startling.

I have been a good girl ever since I can remember. It started with Momma. Because I loved her so much, I never, ever, ever wanted to disappoint her. So, when I thought I understood salvation, I made a profession of faith. But because my salvation was based (subconsciously) on how good a girl I was, I constantly doubted whether I was really saved or not. I always felt like there was something more I had to do to be saved. That Jesus wouldn't like me if I hadn't said exactly the right words when I prayed to accept Him. From the time I was seven years old until I was twenty-eight, I doubted my salvation. It was only then that I nailed down my salvation and have known ever since then that it's not about being good enough...that it's about the grace that God freely gives through Jesus His Son.

Emily explains how my mind was working in the first chapter, "Are You a Good Girl in Hiding?"

"For a long time, I believed I was searching for God and thought I had found him, this God who is order and control, distant and passive. I knew he so loved the world, but I didn't know his love for me...While I thought I was searching for him, he graciously, miraculously, and intentionally found me." (Grace For the Good Girl, by Emily P. Freeman, pg 22, Copyright 2011, Revell Publishing, emphasis mine)

Does this sound like you? Do you think you're the only one that grace looks over and says, "Nope, not good enough, this one." Then I think you would benefit from this book.

I look forward to the coming chapters and will be joining in with Christina at Momma Day By Day and other good girls as we learn how to become recovering good girls.

Because I believe this book will be life-changing for so many women, I'm giving an autographed copy away. Sweet Emily signed both my copy (that was sweetly given to me by my bff Kat) and a copy they gave away at the conference.You don't have to jump through hoops to enter. Just leave me a comment saying you're a good girl and would benefit from this book. That's it. I mean, I'd be grateful if you liked my Facebook page. I'd also love it if you bought a tassel, followed me on Twitter, and subscribed to my blog. But you don't have to to enter this giveaway. hee hee.

Just as a disclosure, Revell Publishing made free copies available to any one who attended the Relevant Conference, and Emily signed them because she's just sweet like that. I didn't have to promise to do a giveaway; I didn't have to promise to do a review. I just want to give this book away. All the opinions given are mine.

I will close this giveaway next Monday, November 14th, at 11:59 p.m. and will announce the winner in next week's Good Girl post.

I'm so looking forward to this journey. And I'm also so grateful to Christina who organized all us recovering good girls to join forces! Grab a copy and join us!

Disclosure: If you click on the "Grace for the Good Girl" picture and purchase a copy, I get a small percentage of the sale.


Christina said...

Love it! Thanks for going on this journey with me, sweet friend! I also sobbed through the first chapter because this was the first book that truly spoke to me. It makes me feel comforted that you relate to it so strongly too! We always want to make our parents proud...Can't wait to read more from you!

TK said...

oh this so resonated with took me to have a nervous breakdown 5 years ago to get to understand God loved me anyway & to stop trying to parent/people please......He loved me any old how!!! What an awesome saviour we have!! TK xx

TheTadey said...

"But because my salvation was based (subconsciously) on how good a girl I was, I constantly doubted whether I was really saved or not."

yes. this. I was even Baptized twice (once with my husband after I had three kids) just to be sure...and still I doubted.


Lindsey V said...

It just amazes me OVER and OVER again how Emily write "our" stories as she put pen to paper, so to speak, for the issues that had plagued HER life. So glad to be linking up with you through Christina's blog as we journey through this book together.

April said...

I am the good girl. I've talked about something similar to that in a previous post and was told I should read the book. Thanks for sharing your experience with it.

LeeBird3 said...

My picture is in the dictionary next to the term "good girl." Sometimes, I make myself sick! ;) would love to read this book!

Anonymous said...

This really resonated with me: "That Jesus wouldn't like me if I hadn't said exactly the right words when I prayed to accept Him." I struggled with this, too, when I was younger. I'm so thankful for His love and grace! Yep, I admit it ~ I'm a *good girl* too.

Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful book!

In His grace,

Christine said...

Hi! I have been hoping to get a copy of this book! I am a good girl and I am so hopeful for the message of grace that this book brings!I can definitely relate,as I tend to be a worrier, and have doubted my salvation. I feel that this can be paralyzing, and keep me from experiencing the joy of Christ. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! Blessings!

Leen said...

what a great giveaway! I would love to win and be able to give this to my bff for Christmas, she truly is a "good girl"!

thanks for stopping by my blog, I am glad to have found yours :)

going to follow you too!

Rebekah said...

Most definitely a good girl. I really think I'm a reformed good bad girl. Does that make sense? And I may be too late but I saw your tweet and thought I'd give it a try :)

Amy said...

I have been looking forward to reading this book. I am a good girl who hopes to win :)