Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Fav-o-rite Shoes

I usually don't just go crazy over shoes. You can look in my closet and see the pitiable state of my foot attire. It consists mostly of flip-flops, sloppy mules, a couple pair of sandals and a couple pair of dress shoes that I wear only when I have to. Very rarely do I find shoes that I just have to tell people about. Well, a couple of weeks before Easter, I found those shoes. It doesn't matter that half the female population of my church already had these shoes, or that I had just been shopping with Lady Wiggy when she bought a pair, or that JB had been wearing hers for months. When I tried these shoes on at Target I could have sworn I heard a chorus of The Doxology.

Now, you may not think these shoes move the earth or anything, and they are certainly not Jimmy Choos (like I would EVER wear something that expensive on my feet!), but I love them. I can wear them all day and my feet won't hurt. Plus, they're ding dang cute.

And, okay, here's a silly reason I love them...I think they make me feel grown up. At 37 1/2, it's about time. Here's a look at my grown up feet in my grown up shoes. And no, I'm not wearing white socks...that is my flesh you see peeping out from under my jeans. Shut up.

You wouldn't believe the angle I was having to bend myself into to get this shot. I almost fell down several times. That happens to me a lot. Read my profile random question. I will most definitely post about that at a later date.

The really funny thing is the fact that seriously, a ton of my friends have these shoes. We have decided to form a club. Anyone can be in our club, as long as you have these shoes. They don't even have to be from Target. They also have them at Kohl's and Rack Room Shoes.
Ah, my beautiful shoes...I'll probably wear them tomorrow. They like to go to church with me and hang out with their friends.


Kat said...

I've never even heard of Jimmy Choos?

Heathahlee said...

That's because we live real lives and spend our money on gas and food instead of feet. Read Kristen Billerbeck...she'll fill you in. :)
I've put a link in now, so you can see for yourself how expensive they are.

Lady Wiggy said...

Why Darlin,those are the best "grown up" shoes. They are so comfortable!!! I love wearing them any chance I get. I love letting them get together with their friends in the "club"

Anonymous said...

Yall and those shoes. Like every lady i know has a pair at least similar to these. its so funny.