Monday, April 21, 2008

Robin's egg blue

I've always known that robin's eggs were blue, but until now I never realized what a perfect shade of blue they were. They're perfect! And it's the perfect shade of blue to go with brown, which is, in my opinion, the perfect color combination popular right perfect now. I perfect lurve it. (I just thought I'd add a few more "perfect's" in there for good measure since I didn't use enough in the first part of the paragraph).

As amazing to myself as it is, I took this picture. It's perfect (HA! I totally amuse myself). It is now my desktop wallpaper. The amazing thing to me is that it was completely blind. The robin that built her nest on our electric meter or whatever you call it figured that she was out of sight of picture takin' bird nerds, but she was mistaken. I took the camera and stretched it above the nest and snapped away. It looks like I really tried to get this shot. Well, I did, but only because I was trying not to lose my balance and crash into the brick wall. My sweet hubby took some, too, and between the two of us we've got a gazillion pictures of this nest with anywhere between one to four eggs in it. Poor Momma Robin. She's a good momma, too. I've never been too excited about Robins...they're kind of like sparrows...they are always around and I get used to them. Then this little momma bird built a nest on my house and I just fell in love with her and her babies. I'm such a bird nerd!

I'll post the video of one of the chicks hatching later. That was totally amazing (perfect). Again, totally blind as to what I was getting.


The Nester said...

love that!

a few years ago we had a sneaky robin build her nest deep in a big bush that happened to be right nest i mean next to our family room window.

We had front row seats to the eggs, the hatching, and the feeding! It was awesome. I should have sold tickets!

Heathahlee said...

Is it sooo wrong to be sooo excited that The Nester left a comment? Probably, in the big scheme of life, but I don't care! Woo hoo! :)

Mrs. Jones said...

Heathahlee! I'm a Heathahlee, too! I like to go by Heath most of the time though. Love your bird nest!


CarlynB said...


I love the picture of you singing.

You are so pretty!

Love you,