Monday, May 5, 2008

First Day of Summer Break!

As a homeschool teacher to my son, the rhythym of my day is determined by our schooling. Last year I couldn't wait to get finished with the year. Mostly because I was impatiently awaiting the Atlanta trip that was happening the day after our last day of school. We sort of rushed through those last few days. I was afraid this year would be the same way, just because we both were more than ready for school to be over with. However, I found myself a little sad that school was ending for the year. I honestly can't tell you why. There have been more than a few days when I called my husband in tears, wondering if I really was cut out to be a homeschool mom. He always calmed me down, reminding me that yes, I was not only cut out for it, I was called to it. We both feel very strongly that this is the best option for our family. Our son really does thrive, and ended the year with straight A's. Most of his friends are homeschooled, so he really doesn't know that life could be any different. Sometimes this is a problem, like when he complains about having to start school at 10:00. I quickly remind him that most kids his age had to get up at 6:30 to be at school by 8:00 and will stay there, with few breaks, until 3:00. We, on the other hand, get to sleep later, start later, and end sooner than all those kids. I ask him if he'd like for us to start being more like public school and do school for 6 or so hours, but he quickly straightens up and starts his math worksheet.

So, with these thoughts running in my head, why am I on the melancholy side? I still can't say. Maybe it's just that now I have to figure out how to organize my day for the next three months. Maybe it's that I don't want him to be in fourth grade yet. Maybe I'm sad there's no Atlanta trip to fall down at. Hmm, yeah, that last one. That's the ticket.


Kat said...

Ya know, I'm thinking when you let me know in your email that y'all were finished with a "hee hee hee" added in that you didn't seem so sad. If you really miss it, if you're really sad, I will sacrifice and let you come school my children :)That's the kind of friend I am!

Kat said...

By the way, the deleted comment was me. I had a grammatical error and it was driving me nuts (you do have readers ALL OVER now reading this stuff you know!). I didn't know it would still show up with comment deleted by author. That sounds so...I don't know. Like someone typed something bad or mean and changed their mind.

Heathahlee said...

I deleted your deleted comment, you bad, mean commenter. =) No, I know what you mean. I deleted a comment on Nesting Place and I thought it would let me completely delete it, like it never happened, since I can do that on my own. No, it just showed up like yours did. So then I had to explain what I had written so I wouldn't seem bad and mean.

Kimba said...

You'll have to let us all know how you organize your summer. I've been thinking about the same thing lately. My oldest is only 4 and just does a 3 day preschool program but our family does much better when we have some kind of routine.

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...


I am Lisa and I just met you tonight. I just wanted to say that I so agree with you and your husband about the calling. I have been there, needing reminding of why...OH yes, the calling. It is the foundation of why we homeschool...HE called us and this is why we homeschool. I am always so glad to meet homeschoolers who confess the reason that they homeschool is because God called them . IT is unshakeable, unchangeable...just like He is.... Lisa Wroblewski