Saturday, May 24, 2008

More about the giveaway...

I got a live battery last night. was rough not being able to post pics for the past couple of days. Which is why as soon as we got home last night (very late, I might add) I had to plug in the batteries and post those hilarious pics of the bluebird house.

Okay, what I got during my shopping spree the past few days. Like you care, but I'm posting them anyway.

First, I got this reeeeeally pretty fabric at Old Time Pottery for $4.99 a yard. It was a remnant and they had other remnants that were really pretty, but this one just caught my eye. I like plaid, I guess. And no, this is not what I'm giving away.

It is going to cover this ottoman. See, it's so bad Windi is covering it up. "NO, Momma, pleeeeeease don't humiliate yourself like this!"

It's really ugly. But it has great "bones," it's the perfect height for our couch, and is really comfy. So I'm keeping it. So there. And isn't Windi the prettiest dog in the whole world? That's what I tell her, anyway. And no, she isn't what I'm giving away.

Next, I got this cute, cute, cute box from World Market. It's made from recycled handmade paper from cotton remnants. The colors are my favorite, and look, it's got butterflies on it! How perfect!

It snaps together. How neato is that? I cannot come up with any word better than "neato" for the snaps on this box. I need some serious help.

And it had a disclaimer on the label: "Any variations in color and printing are inherent characteristics of this handmade paper and should not be considered defects." That's good to know. And for you to remember, ahem.... And no, this is not what I'm giving away, but it would have been a really good one, because it was on sale for $4.99.

Next, I got the pretty ribbon you see here at Hancock's.

What's that it's attached to, you may ask? Well, if you must know...

THIS is what I'm giving away! Woo hoo! Okay, so it's not that big a deal. But it is handmade from my heart and I think it's adorable. Some of you may already have one of these from me, but I got some cute ribbon to dress it up. Aren't my dishes pretty? Very 90's, but still pretty.

Here's a better picture so you can see the detail. It's made from tissue paper (the kind you stuff in gift bags, not the kind you put in the bathroom!). The design in the middle is a pineapple, the traditional symbol of hospitality. And remember the disclaimer from above. Yeah, that goes for this little thingie too.

I love making these. Next time I make one I'll post pictures and instructions of how I do it. Or not...I may just put some on Etsy and make you buy them from me! Bwahahaha....

Okay, since this post is getting as long as the Magna Carta, I'll finish up by saying if you want to enter the drawing, you must go to this post and leave a comment (by Tuesday, May 27, 11:59 p.m), which I've made easier to do. Please read the post so you'll know why in the world I'm doing this.

So, what do you think? Is it totally cheesy? Totally lame? Please don't tell me if it is. No, wait, do. It's like I told my husband when we first got married, if you don't tell me something I cook is absolutely horrid, I will cook it again. So you'd better tell me if this is totally cheez whiz or I'll make more.

Have a good long weekend, and don't forget to pray for our soldiers!


Kat said...

It's 2:08 in the morning and I'm crazy enough to be checking your blog. We're just in from the horse show stuff. Horse people are crazy.

Yep, Windi is a beauty.
Love the heart for the prize. Put my name back in the pot :)
And, something else...can't remember because I'm too tired.

Kimba said...

Those are some nice finds! That fabric will look very pretty on the ottoman.

And the giveaway is so pretty! I can't wait to hear how you make them...if you decide to share your secret.


The Nester said...

you went to some of my favorite places. Old Time Pottery has some great fabric!

tell us how to do that heart if you can!

Cena @ Unexpected Necessities said...

I came over from Nesting Place....Was reading this post and wondering if you ever posted how to make the heart out of tissue paper?? I would really like to know!

Anonymous said...

LoL You are so crassy...LoL....but I still love you. : D