Monday, May 30, 2011

My Dining Room Set Needs Help {and a Giveaway!}

Here is a sad picture of my dining set. Well, it's sort of a picture of my dining set. Sound Man actually took it without me knowing while I was tasseling one night before a craft fair. I look less than beautiful, therefore I have been cropped out. I believe in being transparent, but come on. You really don't want me to be THAT transparent.

Back to the problem at hand. My dining set is old. I have no idea how old, because I don't know when my grandparents bought it. It's the only set I ever knew them to have. Well, that and their awesome blue formica table set that I wish we had kept. I don't know...someone in our family may have it. I hope so. They are all the rage right now.

Sorry...I digress again. ANYway, my dining set. It's old. And not very "today" looking. Oh, it's classic and will be stylish no matter what decade it is, but it does need a little sprucing up. I've always been afraid to do anything to it, though. I've always been afraid I'd mess it up.

Well, the other day my sister sent me a link to a post at Miss Mustard Seed where she had refinished a dining set...MY dining set. *GASP!* Since I haven't asked her permission to swipe her pics, just go to this post and see it for yourself. G'head, I'll wait....

Okay, now that you've seen it, you can see how beautiful it can be. And I don't think I'm quite as afraid to do something to my set as I was before. Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint will make it look so pretty!

Now, I mentioned a giveaway in the title of the post. Screaming Meme is giving away TWO quarts of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! I certainly hope I win, because...well, my dining room set needs help!

Head over to Screaming Meme and enter for your chance to win, too!


CarlynB said...


I hope you win!

I know when Mimmie and Grandaddy got that dining room set. It was when we all moved to the new house at Nolehoe. They bought it new then as far as I know. I can't remember for sure what year we moved into the house down there, sometime around 1972 or 73?

Love you,


TK said...

I was so having a giggle at your dining room setting, bandsaw and all in the mix with all your lovely fabrics and tassles making stuff....the product at Miss Mustard Seed IS really beautiful, can see how you could be so inspired...I say go for it!!! TK xx

TK said...

no...its not a bandsaw its a drill press - same same...all hilarious!!! TK xx

Dawn said...

my dining room table is also COVeRED in crafty stuff!!!! i keep reorganizing the piles and then i get inspired and pull it all out again :)