Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tassel Tuesday - Sweet Nest

I've been thinking lately about doing a weekly post on which tassels I'm either working on or absolutely adore. I haven't worked on any in a while (even though my precious men redid my guest room into my craft room. Oh, yeah, baby. THAT is a story soon to be posted!), but I'm about to start working my little fingers like crazy. I have an idea to raise money for Relevant...I'm not ready to divulge my plan...yet...MUAHAHAHAHAAAAA....

Where was I? Oh, Tassel Tuesday. Cheez Whiz name, I know, but I'm a Cheez Whiz kinda girl, so there you go. On to the tassel!

This is currently my favorite tassel. It could be my favorite tassel EVAH. It is so sweet I can hardly stand it. It's been featured in so many Etsy Treasuries I've lost count. Okay, it's around 5 or 6, but I still lost count. It's my Etsy profile picture, my Facebook profile pic, AND my Twitter background pic.

Sweet Nest Tassel

I love it. I love the colors, I love the sweet little nest, I love the eggs, I love the little blue charm.

Have I mentioned that I love it? Right now it's hanging on my china cabinet door but it is definitely for sale. Although I might have to make myself another one.

If you'd like more info on it, just head over to my Etsy shop and check it out. You can also check out my other tassels while you're there. I have another favorite one that I'll tell you about next week, If it's still there.

For those of you who have bought a tassel from me before, you get free shipping! That's my policy. Return customers NEVER pay shipping! It's just my way of saying thank you for your business. Just put in the coupon code REPEATFREESHIP at checkout.

I look forward to sharing more about my business with you in the coming weeks. I've kind of been afraid to do that because I didn't want people to think I was all, "Buy, buy, BUY!" But it IS the way I help support my family and it IS what I love to do. So why shouldn't I share it with you? : )


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You absolutely should, Heather! This is a beautiful tassel and I love the colors.I look forward to seeing your craft room, too.

Unknown said...

OOh....so pretty :) I am a blue & brown girl!!

I would love to see your craft room. I used to have one, but then we moved, and had the girls, and well - I ran out of space!!

Unknown said...

That's my favorite tassel as well! :]

Can't WAIT to see craft room pics!!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That is such a sweet tassel! I love the little nest on top. Can't wait to see your craft room!

TK said...

that little blue charm just makes it....love it!!!

Made In The South said...

First, I have to tell you..You are rockin that new hair do! LOVE IT
So glad you are getting back to what you love..making tassels. You are very good at it.
Looking forward to your post on the your craftroom.

Kat said...

Hey. Yesterday was Tuesday. And there was no new tassel on display for Tassel Tuesday :)

The first tassel that comes to my mind was Funky Crow. Cutness. Well, and Gingerbread Man. Double Cuteness.