Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days of Worship - Immersing Yourself in the Word

Last Thursday, I finished reading the Bible from beginning to end in 88 days. This was the second time I read through the Bible this year. Am I saying this because I want a pat on the back? Am I saying this because I think I'm all that and a bag of chips?


I'm saying that because I want you to know that YOU CAN DO IT, TOO.

Would you like your worship experiences to be richer and sweeter? Read. His. Word. Immerse yourself in it.

Yesterday I referenced 2 Chronicles 7:1-3. There's a story behind that. One Sunday after I had read about Solomon dedicating the Temple in 2 Chronicles 5 and 6, we sang "Beautiful Jesus." There is nothing in that song that says anything about Solomon, or the Temple, or anything that has to do with those chapters and verses. But for some reason, as we sang, "My lips will sing, my heart will bring, praise to You, the holy King!" suddenly I got a picture in my head of Solomon, in his kingly robes, humbly kneeling before God and the assembled people. Nowhere in chapter 6 does it mention the word "worship," but I know that Solomon was worshiping his King.

And here I was, lifting my hands and my heart just like Solomon did, worshiping the same God Solomon worshiped, and I could hardly contain myself. The God who filled the Temple with His presence fills my heart today. I sit here shaking my head that I would be so privileged.

But not just me. Everyone who is a child of God has Him. Can connect with Him through worship, through His Word.

I would never have had that experience if I had not been reading the Word. Would never have connected so intimately with Him. Reading the Bible in 90 Days gave me "the big picture" of God's people and of His love for all of us. I understand things more clearly now in the New Testament because I've read the Old Testament.

My love for God's Word has grown more this time than it did last time, and last time it grew leaps and bounds! I look forward to my time alone with Him like never before, and I can't wait to go back and read more closely passages I had to speed through. That's the beauty of this program. You get the big picture, but then you're done in just three months and can go back to questions you've had or portions you want to study more.

I encourage, I implore you. Get in the Word! Even if it's for just a few minutes a day, you will learn so much about the Lord! You will really be able to worship Him and not just go through the motions like I did for so long.

The next Bible in 90 Days session will be in January (sign ups haven't started yet...give Amy time to recover from this session! LOL!). I encourage you to join up. I will more than likely be a mentor again, and if you'd like to be in my reader group, just ask for me when you sign up. I got as much encouragement from the readers in my group as they did from me!

So...are you up for the challenge?


Ashley Pichea [] said...

Way to go, Heathahlee!!

Jenny said...

Congratulations on doing it again! It's been one of the best experiences for me, too!