Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days of Worship - Ultimate Worship

I thought I was going to write today about who worships, why we worship, etc, etc. But then I looked at the calendar.

Today is October 4th. If you've read my blog for a year or more, you know that my precious Momma went home to Jesus this day last year. I just read through the post and the sweet, sweet comments again and now can hardly type through the tears.

One thing my Momma loved to do with all her heart her entire grown up life was sing. She wanted to sing for the Lord more than just about anything. While this sometimes tripped her up even as she went about it, her heart was toward the Lord, wanting to lift His name up for others to come and worship.

She was the one who taught me the joy of worshiping through song. I am the alto I am today because of her beautiful voice.

And now, for a year, she has been singing perfect songs and raising perfect, pain-free hands in ultimate worship. The One she sang to and for all those years is right in front of her, around her, surrounding her.

I can't imagine the joy in her heart.

I can't imagine the words on her lips.

But because I believe the Bible is true, I know she's worshiping Him right now.

I have the joy of knowing I will see my Momma again.

And worship with her.

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Unknown said...

So true, my friend!! My Dad and Father in Law are right there with her dancing and praising - how amazing is that??!