Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 Days of Worship - Sunday Mornings

In yesterday's post I talked about how we get ready for a Sunday service...the main rehearsals. Today I want to fill you in on our Sunday mornings.

We start out the day at 7:00 AM in the "practice room," which is actually the room the guys practice in on Saturdays. We warm up...

Then we go over each song...

And then we head into the sanctuary to rehearse with the band. Praise Team stands on stage with Brent, band behind them, and choir in the "choir loft" which is actually just permanent risers with no chairs. And NO robes. Thank the Lord! We are modest in our dress, and if someone doesn't meet the modest standard, we have asked them to sit out before. We go over each song set twice, take a break, then come together again in our practice room to pray before the service. It's just a time to get our hearts set on why we do what we do. Not for us, but to His name be the glory, as the song says. It's all for Him...we just get to participate.

But hopefully we bring something excellent before the church so they are drawn to hear what He has to say.

We sing in both services but go down out of the choir loft after the music is over. That makes it easier for both the choir and the congregation to pay attention to the message!

And that's how we get ready for Sundays. At least for the singing part. The real worship starts much earlier.

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